About Us

FRESH START FOR HENS was previously known as Hen Rehomers UK. Founded in 2008.
We are a non profit voluntary organisation, consisting of volunteers from all walks of life.

Our aims and objectives are:

Rehome ex-commercial hens which would, otherwise be sent to slaughter at around 72 weeks of age.Raise awareness of the plight of the commercial caged hen. Educate people about the egg production industry as it is today, and hopefully, change people’s attitude towards the use of caged hens and persuade them that it is worth paying a fair price for eggs from free range hens. Fully support British farmers.


We have a Farm Team – trusted volunteers who go to the farms and under the guidance of Farm leader transfer hens safely from the cages/barns into our poultry crates ready for transportation to the many collection points. Drivers and their Driver’s Mates are also included in the Farm Team and assist with loading of hens. Drivers then leave the farm, sometimes dropping hens off on the way to their own collection point. We also have collection point co-ordinators who do not always come to the farm. Some of our co-ordinators have assistance from local volunteers too.

Our Future.

Our future depends upon the support of our volunteers. Without them FRESH START FOR HENS just simply would not exist. Whilst there are still hens in cages, we will continue to re home hens, and re home as many as we can, with the help of our volunteers. We will do our best to ensure that as many people as possible are aware of the plight of the Commercial hen, and the alternatives that there are out there.

We have no formal connection to any other organisation. although we have good relationships with many other groups involved in rehoming animals. We value the lives of these birds and are committed rehoming them in safe, suitable homes where they can live out the rest of their natural lives.

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